Grocery Rescue Program

Six days a week, the food bank ‘rescues’ food that is nearing its expiration date

from community grocery stores. This includes fresh produce, dairy products, bakery and canned goods,

meat and non-food items. The rescued food is then taken back to the food bank, processed and

distributed to our community in need. Through our rescue program, we collect and process over 1

million pounds of nutritious food every year.

3rd Avenue Choice Market

Residents from the towns of Post Falls, Stateline, Hauser Lake, and Rathdrum are welcome to shop

weekly at our 3rd Avenue Market. We serve families who are living at or below 200% of federal poverty

guidelines. We also provide a one-time emergency food bag for anyone in need, regardless of their address.

Food Share Program

Because of our strong Grocery Rescue Program, the Food Bank is able to share excess

food with other food banks, community meal sites, and non-profit organizations in Kootenai

County. Some of the agencies that we support with our food are: The Post Falls Senior Center, Real Life Ministries

Food Room and Meal Program, St Georges Catholic Church Friendship Kitchen, Cherished One’s Soup

Kitchen, St Vincent de Paul Warming Shelter, Children’s Village, Lake Cities Food Bank, Second Chance

Ministries and the American Legion.

Weekend Backpack Program:

The Food Bank works closely with the Post Falls School District to provide weekend food for 150 students.

These are children who are living at or below the federal poverty level and are at risk of not getting enough

to eat over the weekend. Nutritionally balanced food is identified specifically for this program. The food packs

are purchased by the Post Falls Food Bank and assembled by volunteers at Calvary Lutheran Church.

Holiday Program:

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, the food bank provides our guests

with a turkey or ham and ingredients for a great holiday meal.

Resource Services:

Rarely does a guest walk in to the Food Bank with just one need, food. There are

usually severally challenging situations that our guests are dealing with at any given time. We provide a

Resource Specialist to help our guests navigate the social services network and find the help they need

in Kootenai County.