The Post Falls Food Bank serves over 100 families every day. We actively work with our elementary and high schools in Post Falls to ensure our children have adequate food through a Weekend Nutrition Backpack Program. We provide market-style shopping, emergency food bags, and a Food Share Program which reaches over 3,000 people weekly. Additionally, we have a resource and advocacy program. Our Grocery Rescue program collects 1.5 million pounds of food every year.

Post Falls Food Bank Market and Grocery Rescue

Most needed items

(following USDA food safety guidelines, please make non-
perishable food donations no older than August 2021)

-Salad dressing
-BBQ sauce
-Ketchup -Mustard
-Tomato paste
-Soup -Stew
-Canned chicken
-Cup O’ Noodles/Top Ramen
-Canned beef/pork
-SpaghettiOs/Beef a Roni/Ravioli
-Hamburger Helper
-Rice a Roni
-Cooking Oil
-Instant rice
-Instant potatoes
-Icing for cakes