Give Hunger the Bird

This year our annual Give Hunger the Bird Fundraiser will look a little different. We are not holding our big party, but the ask will be the same. Look for a mailer coming in the next few weeks and keep the Food Bank in your in mind during your year-end giving.

Christmas for All

This year, Christmas for All is doing things a little differently.  We are looking to help people with items that will help improve their lives for the upcoming year.  We are aware that so many individuals and families are working hard to move forward in life, and we want to support this effort.  As a result, we are calling the Christmas for All gift an “Award of Achievement”, because we do want to recognize your hard work and accomplishments over the past year.

The gifts we will be awarding have more to do with something that will enhance your life going forward.  For example, we’ve had many requests for prescription eyeglasses, a gasoline card to get to work every day, or help paying for a certification program.  So, when you fill out the application, keep this in mind.    Please fill out the application and either email it back or drop it back the food bank.  Whichever is more convenient.   These applications need to be submitted back to us by November 6th.     We will be reaching out to the families who will receive an Award of Achievement by December 15th.